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Creating a Culture of Connection: When you took the introductory class, Building Emotional Understanding, you learned five listening tools designed to help you focus on and deepen the connections in your family. Ultimately, this practice is not about the tools though—it’s about promoting close family relationships, and even establishing a new culture in your family: a culture of warmth, playfulness, caring attention, sharing and connecting.

Creating a Culture of Connection in our families is counter-cultural! The culture around us is one of alienation, isolation, and reducing relationships to transactions. To counteract parent’s isolation, Parent Connect East Bay is building a movement to bring a culture of connection to families and communities across the East Bay. We would love to have you join us. In fact, we need you in this movement of warmth and connection.

After taking the introductory course, or having had significant coaching with Angela, there are several ways to stay connected to Parent Connect East Bay and be part of the broader movement.

Please consider becoming a member of Parent Connect East Bay! There are some important benefits of joining as a member:

  • You get a reduced rate on classes, coaching and listening days
    • These include the Skillbuilding classes that we hold every other Thursday evening and, starting in September, on Monday morning.
  • Monthly Q&A phone calls, usually on the last Tuesday of the month.
  • Unlimited access to the videos you saw during class.

More importantly, joining as a member can be a first step towards taking a leadership role that will create this culture of connection in the East Bay. Here are some ways in which you can express leadership in this movement. And we want to hear what other ways you have in mind to join in. It is all about your talents.

  • You can connect us to a school or community group.
  • Serve as an ongoing liaison to your school or community group.
  • Assist in teaching classes.
  • Be part of a leadership team and
    • help organize play dates,
    • receive training to lead study groups, listening groups in your community,
    • bring this work to your community in ways we haven’t thought of yet.

Joining is easy and costs 10 per month or 97 for the year.

Thank you for all you bring to your families—you are such a gift.



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